Our Mission

To create a permanent memorial honoring the military men and women from Meredith who served during the nation’s armed conflicts.

The Situation

Meredith does not have a comprehensive memorial honoring the veterans who served during all of the Nation’s conflicts. Those who served in America’s wars should be recognized by our community. The existing and previous memorials have not lasted as long as the legacy of service and commitment demonstrated by each veteran.

  • The Revolutionary War - no memorial for local residents who are known to have served
  • War of 1812 – no memorial
  • The Civil War – The Civil War statue erected by Major E.E. Bedee in honor of the 12th Regiment NH Volunteers is the one monument that has remained intact through our New Hampshire winters. However, there is no listing of the Meredith citizens who served.
  • Spanish-American War – no memorial
  • WWI – a wooden sign listing names was erected in 1918 but was removed many years ago when it fell into disrepair.
  • WWII – a wooden sign was originally erected in 1946 and repaired several times, most recently in 2015, but is once again showing signs of deterioration.
  • The Korean conflict – Meredith veterans were originally honored by the planting of a tree on the library grounds. Recently, the tree had to be removed due to disease, decay and potential danger.
  • The Vietnam War – no memorial
  • Post-Vietnam conflicts recognized by the US Government and the American Legion, including Panama, Grenada, the Persian Gulf War and the current Global War on Terror – no memorials.
  • A small bronze plaque embedded in a rock on the library grounds recognizes all veterans, but Meredith veterans, their families and friends deserve more. In the absence of a town square, the front lawn of the Meredith Public Library has traditionally housed Meredith’s memorials. The POW/MIA memorial in Hesky Park was designated, by a decree of then Gov. Lynch, as a state, not a local memorial.
The Project

A committee has been formed under the auspices of Humble Grunt Work, a local organization dedicated to honoring and remembering all Veterans, to build a new, permanent memorial that lists all the Meredith citizens who have served honorably in the military during all of the Nation’s conflicts, from the Revolutionary War to the recent Global War on Terror. This memorial, conceptually made of granite, or granite and bronze, will stand for generations on the front lawn of the library and include an accessible walkway from Main Street to the memorial, linking to the library’s new front ramp into the building. Future Memorial Day and Veterans Day recognition programs can be held by this memorial, which will also feature a new flagpole and integrated seating.

(This monument, in Chelsea VT, represents the granite and bronze design and concept for the Meredith Veterans  Memorial)

Project Updates

We have a basic design donated by Chris Williams, Architects, and rough cost estimates. We are exploring two options for materials to make the memorial last: Granite slabs with bronze plaques or granite only. We have also begun the initial research to find the names of Meredith citizens who participated in the pre-WWI conflicts and are starting our planning on how to collect and verify post WWII participants.

We plan to collaborate with genealogists, the American Legion, Historical Society, Library, Select Board, Town Officials, Meredith companies and organizations and residents.


Town Meeting voters overwhelmingly passed Warrant Article 15. This will authorize the Select board to expend up to $250,000 for project costs.


Fundraising update- $108,660 raised to date in pledges / donations.


Thermometer signs installed at library lawn and 3/25 intersection.


Fundraising update- $125,927 raised to date in pledges/donations.

Anticipated Outcome

The memorial will better recognize our town’s long and proud heritage and its veterans, while giving future generations the opportunity to honor and remember our veterans, as well. The memorial will also enhance Main Street and will complement the recent Library renovation.

Meredith Veterans Memorial board members

Fred Strader - Chair

Erin Apostolos - Secretary

Jim McFarlin - Fundraising

Gary Dehnel - Treasurer

Chuck Thorndike - Community and American Legion liaison

Thank you to our Donors

Dave and Robin Albaneze

Fred and Betty Strader

Erin Apostolos

Christopher P. Williams Architects- Memorial Layout Design (In-Kind)

Carl Johnson- Advanced Surveying - Survey (In-Kind)

Lynn and Brad Leighton-HGW

Maggie and Rod Croes

Carla Taylor - HGW

Chuck and Karen Thorndike
Jill Duncan - HGW
John Moulton
Bonnie Burgess - HGW

Meredith Rotary Club


Paul and Nancy Lavigne

John and Nancy Sherman- In memory of all veterans

The Xavier Group, Rachel Xavier, Realtor

Hart"s Turkey Farm Restaurant

James Gregoire

ReMax Bayside Realty- Chris Kelly

Norman Larsen (Project Designer-CPW Architects)

Matt Coker

Lovering Volvo- Rich & Linda Lovering

Ray & Carol Moritz

Interlakes Auto Repair- Pete Louden

Cyndi and Bob Troop

Heart & Hands Thrift Shop

Dean and Janet Gulezian - In memory of Barkev Gulezian & John Weinheimer

Bill Gartner

Miracle Farms Landscape & Property Management

Ambrose Bros. Inc. (in-kind)

Tom Mason

Dean Angerami

Thank you to our Pledgers

Jim and Pat McFarlin

Dick and Carol Gerken

Jack and Vickie Carty

Mark and Martha Billings

Lorraine Kutcher

Your Support is Greatly Appreciated!

Other ways to donate:

Cash donation

Send a check made out to ‘Humble Grunt Work – MVM’

to Humble Grunt Work – MVM, PO Box 628, Center Harbor, NH 03226

For Charitable Distribution from Individual Retirement Account -

Send a check direct from your IRA made out to

‘Humble Grunt Work – MVM’ to Humble Grunt Work – MVM,

PO Box 628, Center Harbor, NH 03226.

Marketable Securities (Stocks & Mutual Funds Distributions) -

Please contact our treasurer Gary Dehnel for instructions at


For Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD) from an IRA,

consult your tax or financial adviser.

Humble Grunt Work’s Federal tax identification number is 84-2850526

There are many ways you can contribute to the Meredith Veterans Memorial Project, but the most pressing need is financial support – your generous donations are appreciated and will make our project succeed.

Please share your support for this vital project with others who, like you, recognize the incredible importance of the Meredith Veterans Memorial.

Humble Grunt Work / Meredith Veterans Memorial
P.O. 628 Center Harbor, NH 03226