We are a new Veterans Recognition Group working to bring honor to all who have served. Our group is a TEAM of selfless individuals who would like to honor those of all military services, quietly but proudly. Together we work in hopes of making life a little easier for our veterans and their families.

As American citizens, we often go about our daily lives neglecting to remember the sacrifice men and women made until Nov 11th rolls around.

Our groups work style and inspiration for Humble Grunt Work comes from a special Marine, a true hero who quietly walked among us. "He believed in getting the job done "grunt style" boots on the ground while letting nothing stop him from accomplishing his mission. To him actions were words. In his spirit we will work "grunt style" until every NH Veteran has been recognized, Leaving No One Behind, only then will our mission be complete.

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Corporal Burgess was a Three time Purple Heart recipient. Fifty one years ago on Nov 4, while serving as Squad Leader with Company Mike 3rd Battalion 26th Marines 1st Marine Division, then Lance Corporal Burgess was painfully wounded while conducting a search and Destroy operation under a heavy volume fire fight and refused medical evacuation, electing to remain with his men.

Later that day his squad was again providing security for the remainder of his platoon when he sighted a large enemy group approaching his position. Hesitantly he delivered accurate volume of fire on the hostile force and took out the enemy. Although painfully wounded a second time Corporal Burgess steadfastly ignored his injuries and swiftly deployed his men. His daring initiative and heroic efforts inspired all who observed him and contributed significantly to the accomplishments of his units mission. For these efforts he was awarded The Bronze Star Medal with Combat V. Corporal Burgess always exhibited loyalty to his men and all he served with. 

Our first mission as a group was with just this loyalty in mind.

Gene would always comment when laying wreaths in December at our State Veterans Cemetery, “how do you choose whose more deserving to get a wreath than the other, they are all brother and sister’s who have served.” Our group has quietly raised funds to allow the Blue Star Mothers to place an additional 500 wreaths this year. Honor. Respect. gratitude. Honor brings us all here today for different reasons, some to receive honor that is surely due, most to show honor of those who have served with much sacrifice, and some are here to honor those currently serving.

Honor used as a verb means to "treat someone with admiration and respect.” With this action we teach honor to those watching. Our group has a desire to for fill the need to teach our next generation the importance of Honor. We will work to have a Veterans Parking only spot on every school campus in New Hampshire, we will encourage and help fund all schools to have a wall of honor, displaying pictures of Veterans that have attended their school.

We are working to raise funds to sponsor a WWII veteran so they may to go on a “Honor Flight” free of charge and see memorials erected to honor them. Respect: admire deeply as a result of their abilities qualities or achievements. Our groups signature is a visual Honor roll we bring to all our events and have on all our social media pages . This presentation gives names, service dates and accomplishments along with service pictures. We have much respect for all who have served and the families whom have sacrificed for that service. We will be organizing and connecting with families of deceased veterans to collect all unwanted clothing and footwear to redistribute here in our long term facilities and our homeless population of veterans in NH. Gratitude, the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. We have a Thank you card campaign that has us collect and redistribute 58,272 cards, a number that honors those who didn’t return home from Vietnam War. We are working to build a network of spouses that have lost there veteran and may need
assistance from time to time and recognizing their sacrifice too. And finally our group is committing to have a transitional housing facility here in the Lakes Region. This would serve our homeless and struggling veterans, showing our gratitude to them in their most time of need and getting them back into society. Giving back to those especially in need and have given so much exhibits our Gratitude.

We will continue to help where needed while keeping our the prize, housing for our lost and in need veteran population. The time is now to work to make sure all veterans are “Welcomed
Home” Our group works from the heart and not for the glory. We are a small but mighty and want to make difference in all Veterans lives. Everyday is Veterans Day for us! If any of this sounds like something that would bring a smile to your face, Humble Grunt Works wants you!! As we leave please put these words into action

Honor ~ Respect ~ Gratitude

Some gave all, all gave some and some are still giving.

Thank You!